Wifi / Wireless communication / Modems

In this category you will find our WiFi (WiFi) to 4G / BT and modem and antennas. See bla. Our wireless RS232 for Bluetooth, which can extend over 1 km. One of the most sought after items is our GSM for analogue telephone device. Look it further down.

Wifi / Wireless communication / Modems

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  • Outdoor 3G router with WiFi...

    Outdoor 3G router with WiFi - Teltonika RUT700

    Wireless WiFi 3G Router
    Outdoor, IP Dense Connector, Operating Temp. -20 ° -50 ° C
    1x LAN 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet port
    Supply: 36 - 57VDC POE adapter
    Downlink or 21 Mbps Uplink or 5.76Mbps

    Price DKK1,499.00
    Product code: ROUTER3G-WU
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  • INSYS Industrial VPN 4G /...

    INSYS Industrial VPN 4G / LTE Router, 2 ports Ethernet switch, Linux

    INSYS-EBW-L100 - safe 4G VPN industrial router
    With 2 port network switch
    Combines modem and router
    Ideal for industrial use and video surveillance.
    Connects to the internet over 4G / LTE , 3G / UMTS / HSPA, 2G / GPRS / EDGE. 
    Firewall with MAC filters, integrated VPN
    High IT security - has event-generated messages
    Linux Sandbox
    DIN rail mounting.

    Price DKK4,463.00
    Product code: INSYS-EBW-L100
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