Wireless video and audio transfer from Analog CCTV camera. 2.4GHz. Up to 100 meters. Sender and receiver

Wireless Composite Video S / M
CCTV Video and Sound
1 Alarm Input
Up to 100 Meters
12VDC Power Supplies Included

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KAM-SM-VA + consists of a transmitter and a receiver that uses the 2.4GHz band to transmit audio and video.
Connects analog surveillance cameras with cables via BNC and RCA connectors
Alarm input could be used to a door switch or motion sensor, thereby triggering an alarm on the receiver module. For the transmitter and receiver can be selected between 4 radio channels.
1 alarm input at the transmitter, the input signal TTL 5 VDC When activated, the output will be active for 20 seconds 1 alarm relay output with (NO / NC) / NC function of the receiving contact data 125 VAC 0 , 5A / 1A 24 VDC. The receiver module has built-in buzzer that sounds when activating the alarm input.
Transfers mono audio signal via RCA phono

via SMA hun stik
86 x 110 x 30 mm (LxBxH) + antenne
Anvender det licensfri 2.4GHz-bånd
Op til 100 meter ved frit sigte
230 VAC (12 VDC til hver enhed medfølger)