DisplayPort cable. DP male - DP male, 1.4, 8K, black, 2.0m

DisplayPort version 1.4, transfers 3D and audio signals with mechanical lock.

A DisplayPort cable can, for example, be used to connect a computer with DisplayPort output to a DisplayPort input port. >

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DisplayPort (DP) is an advanced connection for video and audio transfer. It is known for its high 8K x 4K x 2K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and is a competitor for DVI and HDMI standards. DisplayPort supports up to four screens of every 1920 x 1200 pixels and two screens of each 2560 x 1600 pixels over a single cable. The cable is equipped with 28AWG conductors and gold plated connectors.

DANBIT recommends a maximum cable length of 5 meters.

Gold plated plugs prevent corrosion and ensure continuous, good connection between plugs.

Use of 28 AWG thick copper conductors minimize loss of signal.

The plug has a mechanical lock that ensures that the plug does not fall out for example. shake.

DP han – DP han
Guldbelagte stik forhindrer korrosion og sikrer kontinuerlig, god forbindelse mellem stik. Anvendelse af 28 AWG tykke kobberledere minimerer tab af signal. Stikket har en mekanisk lås, som sikrer, at stikket ikke falder ud ved f.eks. rystelser.