Electronic power switch reversed - powerless locked to 12 volts

Electric endplate for frame, fixed drop, left for 12VDC / 200mA
locked at powerless
Holding power: 400kg
Dimensions: 90 x 28 x 21mm

351.00 DKK
Tax excluded
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Standard electrical endplate with fixed or adjustable fall. When the endplate is fully assembled, it is easy to adjust the fall if the door is to bind due to sealing strips or if it "hangs".

All standard electrical outlets are available with or without adjustable fall. Holding force 300 kg. Choose between single or double bar for the lookout.
Active: Locked without tension
Power: 400 kg
Page: Choose either right or left 
Hand rule: visible hinge on the right side = right-handed electrical end view)
Supply: 12VDC & nbsp; 200mA on activation
Dimensions: 90 x 21 x 28 mm (H x W x D)

90 mm (H)
12/24VDC 200/110mA ved aktivering