Access With face recognition can recognize faces, fingerprints and RFID tags

Access control with RFID and face recognition

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ACCESS-A-RFID, for example. used for access control to facilities, equipment or the like. which it is desired to limited access. ACCESS-A-RFID is also suitable as evidence.

ACCESS-A-RFID is a terminal with readers face recognition and fingerprint or RFID. In addition, it is equipped with a 4.3 "touch screen and keyboard. ACCESS-A-RFID can be used "standalone" where data is stored internally in the terminal, but it can also be connected to the network and connected to a PC that can be used to configure the system and collect and process the recorded data collected in terminal. Includes Windows software for this purpose.

The uniqueness of this terminal for access control is its ability to read and recognize faces. This function is the leader in the development of biometric access control systems.

ACCESS-A-RFID is equipped with a specially developed fast processor and large memory, which reduces ansigtsverificeringen to less than 2 seconds. The high resolution camera is equipped with infrared lamps, as face recognition works - even in complete darkness. For added security and flexibility, face reading, supplemented by an RFID reader.

The setup is extremely simple as all menus and settings are easily accessible using. Touch screen, and there are additional six customizable buttons, the function can be selected as needed.

Access control can be administered via a built-in Web server using. A web browser, from here also records stored on a PC via a network.

Internal storage capacity:

700 faces 5000 fingerprints and up to 100,000 recordings can be stored internally in the ACCESS-A-xx.

4.3 "TFT touch screen.

Access via face reading, fingerprint / RFID or PIN - or combinations thereof.

Built-in speaker.

High-resolution infrared camera.

PC connectivity: TCP / IP, RS232, RS485 and USB. Wireless connectivity is an option.

2 USB ports (can be used to backup data to USB stick - requires login)

Also available with wireless network - Contact the sales department for more information.

Indbygget 2000 mAh backup-batteri sikrer op til 4 timers fortsat drift i tilfælde af strømafbrydelse.
194 x 165 x 86 mm (H x B x D)
0 - 45º C / Luftfugtighed: 20% - 80% Rh
Strømforsyning medfølger 12V, 3A
256 MB flash, 64 MB SDRAM
Dørsensor, Udgangsknap
Software til Windows XP, Vista, WIN 7 og WIN 8 medfølger
Relæ til elektrisk lås, Wiegand-udgang via skrueterminal