HDMI Booster for 2 pcs. HDMI cables. Total length of max. 40 meters. With male-female.

Active HDMI extender to mount between 2 HDMI cables.

The HDMI cable from the source must be extension cable.

Transmits HDMI signal up to 40 meters. Max. length HDMI cable is 20 meters.

Power from the HDMI connector

192.00 DKK
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BOOST-HDM-F connects between 2 HDMI cables on a maximum 20m long HDMI cable, thereby extending the range of the HDMI signal.

BOOST-HDM-F is powered by the player / PC and then uses the power to actively amplify the HDMI signal.

This regenerates the High Definition Video data stream and can then be forwarded up to 20 meters.

BOOST-HDM-F can also be used at shorter distances where an enhanced signal or noise reduction is desired.

10 x 18 x 35
Aktiv HDMI booster
0 – 50°C, ved 5 – 90 % luftfugtighed, ikke kondenserende.
Strømforsynes af afspilleren, gennem HDMI kablet
Op til 40 m i 1080p
HDMI kompatibilitet
HDMI 1.3
Ind- og udgange
1 x HDMI hunstik og 1 x HDMI hanstik.