7 dBi 2.4 GHz whip antenna, magnetic foot with 1m cable, RSMA male connector

Indoor 2,4GHz Whip antenna 7 dBi 
Steel antenna with shorting coils 
1 meter cable with RSMA male connector
Height 22cm

510.00 DKK
Tax excluded
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Omni-directional - D.V.S. When mounted vertically, the radiation is similar in all directions in the horizontal plane (horizontal spread is 360 °).

Internally, they consist of a number of vertical dipoles that lie in length. Therefore, the gain that can compete with the Yagi antennas, but it also means that you must be as careful about the orientation as at Yagi antennas. The Omni antennas are also sensitive to disturbances the entire horizon around. When it comes to "point to point" - connections, the yagi, panel or satellite antennas like the best choice.