RS232 - current loop. With the current loop can be achieved serielforbindelser of up to 1.2 km

An alternative and simple way to make an extended RS232 connection
Duplex with 4 wire connection
Semi-duplex with 2 wire connection
Up to 128kbps
Connector: DB25 she
2 units may form a serial connection
extended also to multi-drop with 4 to 2 wire slaves
DIP switches for application selection.

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Type: Standard RS232 to RS232 current loop, full duplex
Speed: Up to 115.2 kbit / s
Distance: Up to 1.2 km, the current loop
Other: Switching between 20 mA or 60 mA via switch
transmitter and receiver part can be individually selected as active or passive. Transferring TX and RX. DTE / DCE selectable. Handshake: XON / XOFF
supply: Included AC adapter 9 VDC, 350 mA
Connectors: RS232: DB25 female, current loop: screw terminals

Medfølgende netadapter 9 VDC, 350 mA