Video of BNC, 1 x video up to 1500 m, set with 2

Bandwidth: DC to 8MHz
Impendans: BNC male 75 Ohm
RJ45: 100hm
Cable UTP 24 AWG or less
Maximum distance: 1500 meters
Operating temperature: 0 - 55 C | 1 x BNC male connectors per box | 1 x RJ45 female connectors per box
Supply voltage: 12V DC / 60mA (supplied)
Dimensions: 22 x 78 x 75 mm

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Contains 2 modules for the transfer of up to 4 analog video signals from, for example. surveillance cameras up to 600 meters. The transmitter and receiver connected to a standard just completed UTP / STP network cable with RJ45 connectors. 4 the video signals entering from the BNC connector at one end and pulled out via the corresponding 4 BNC connector at the other end. 4 separate thus transferred digital video signals via a network cable - with virtually no loss of quality.

DC to 8MHz
22 x 78 x 75 mm
1 x BNC han pr. boks, 1 x RJ45 pr. boks.
BNC Male 75 ohms ,RJ-45 100ohm
24 AWG or lower solid copper UTP:Impedance:100 ohms at 1MHz Max. Capacitance:20 pf/ft
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