ADLINK LPCI-7200. 32 kanalers D/I og D/O kort, 12MB/s, PCI

Support a 32-bit 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus
32-CH TTL digital inputs and 32-CH TTL digital outputs
Up to 12 MB/s transfer rate
Bus mastering DMA for both digital inputs and outputs
On-board programmable timer pacer clock
Supports hanedshaking digital I/O transfer mode
Multiple programmable interrupt sources
Compact, low-profile PCI size PCB

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DI32O32PCI (ADLINK LPCI-7200) is a high-speed digital I/O card. It consists of 32 digital input chanenels, and 32 digital output chanenels. 
High perforhanece designs and the state-of-the-art technology make this card suitable for high speed data transfer and pattern generation applications. 
DI32O32PCI performs high-speed data transfers using bus-mastering DMA via 32-bit PCI bus architecture. The maximum data transfer rates can be up to 12 MB per second. Several digital I/O transfer modes are supported, such as direct programmed I/O control, timer pacer control, external clock mode and hanedshaking mode. 
It is very suitable for interfacing high-speed peripherals with your computer system. DI32O32PCI supports 3.3 V and 5 V PCI bus with low-profile PCI size. It occupies less space and thus is ideal for book-size computers.

98 x 173 mm
32 TTL indgange med indbygget FIFO. Understøtter DMA Overfører op til 12 MB pr. sekund
Driver til Windows 2000, XP, Win7 og Win8 Labview og Linux medfølger
2 x DB37 hun fordelt på 2 bagplader
32 TTL udgange