Antenne adapter

Antenne adapter

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  • RP-SMA til TS9 adapter

    RP-SMA til TS9 adapter

    RP-SMA/ RSMA hun til TS9 han konverter

    Adapter TS9 male plug to SMA female jack RF connector straight

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    Product code: ADAP-RSMA-TS9M
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  • Product title

    Product title

    Antenna plug adapter from TNC male to SMA male
    Some LTE routers are with RTNCF connector.
    Transition plug for the more flexible antenna cable with SMA
    Coax cable with SMA is for short lengths to minimize loss
    50 Ohm impedance
    Standing wave ratio: 1: 1.15
    Frequency span: DC to 3GHz

    Price 164.00 DKK
    Product code: SMAM-TNCM
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