About Us

Dansk Binary Technology A/S or DANBIT in daily talk is a Danish privately owned technology supplier, who has been the preferred supplier of specialty products since 1970.

Danish Binary Technology A / S, DANBIT, was founded in 1970. In the first couple of years, DANBIT mainly used electronic measurement of mechanical sizes - primarily electronic weighing equipment. At the end of the 1970s, DANBIT began manufacturing industrial computers. The first customers were concrete factories where the computers had to calculate the concrete mix and control the actual road process. In the early 1980s, DANBIT, as one of the first in Denmark, began importing computer equipment from Taiwan.

DANBIT developed and produced eg. a writing phone for the deaf. In tandem with the development and deployment of PCs, DANBIT has specialized in PC systems for the industry. Today, DANBIT is a supplier of more than 6,000 special products, and therefore our product range extends over the industrial range. Imported mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, USA and selected countries in Europe. In 1996, DANBIT expanded its activities and established a Swedish branch in Helsingborg. It is now an independent company - Binär Teknik AB.

In 1997, DANBIT opened a branch in Oslo, Norway.

Advices from our engineers

We offer advice from our engineers who are ready to help on a daily basis. Then you stand with a more complex project, then we are more than willing to help. As we have said, we have more than 40 years of experience in the IT market, and can help both inside and outside the industry.


- DANBIT has sufficient financial strength to be self-determining and to develop the market we believe in.

- DANBIT possesses professional knowledge that ensures our clients the best guidance and service.

- DANBIT has a long history of proven quality, stability and credibility.