Use of cookies

This website is used for cookies to improve the user experience. When you use the website, you automatically accept these. You will be notified of this via the popup message at the bottom of the website on your first visit.


What is a cookie used for?

A cookie is a data file that is placed on your device, possibly your computer or phone. This data file allows us to recognize you when you visit our website again. It collects information about which pages and features you have used. It is important to emphasize that this cookie cannot see your identity, name, age or address. So no personal information is leaked. It neither can nor will spread viruses on your computer.


Which cookies are used on this website

DANBIT does a major job within Google Analytics and Search Console. These tools provide us with information about various statistics that may be useful to change our content and features. These 2 tools mean that information about the length of your visit, geographical location and your search query is stored. In addition, a cookie from prestashop is also used, which means that the website remembers your username and password, so you do not have to enter this every time.


How do I remove cookies?

There are several ways you can remove the stored cookies. For example, if you using Chrome as browser, this can be easily done by clicking on the 3 dots in the right corner.

Then click on 'more tools' or in English 'more tools' and then click 'clear browsing data'. Then please click in Cookies and other data of, as well as how far back you want them to be removed.