Terms of sale, delivery and payment

Terms of sale, delivery and payment

1. Prices: Prices quoted are for 1-5 pieces respectively. / 6 pieces. and beyond. Prices are orientational excl. VAT and handling fee. According to the provisions of the Purchase Act, sales to individuals are therefore not allowed. Offer validity is 30 days. Reservations are made for key errors and price and price changes. Note: There are some deviations from the Purchasing Act at some points.     

2. Login: To see prices etc. on the website you must be logged in. In order to log in, you must provide a complete company address, VAT, telephone number and personal name.      

3. Goods: Product data is the information in our online shop. We correct data for testing and do not guarantee data provided by suppliers in manuals and the like. For compatibility issues, attention is drawn to the fact that some branded manufacturers use their own standards, which are not always immediately compatible with the commonly used standards. We therefore reserve the discrepancy due to such brand-specific standards. For items with driver for Linux, subject to version differences. Linux drivers are not supported.     

4. Changes: We reserve the right to make changes to data, designs, goals and designations without notice - in particular changes which may be considered improvements.      

5. Delivery Time: We usually process orders within 1-2 business days. Delivery is made from stock in Køge, unless otherwise agreed. We make reservations for any changes in the delivery situation at the time of order receipt. The delivery time is calculated from final clarification of technical details. The delivery time stated in the offer is calculated from the date of our written order confirmation. We also make reservations about delivery difficulties due to strike, lockout and other matters that are outside our influence. In the event of a delay, DANBIT shall not be liable for indirect losses, such as lost profits, operating losses, consequential damages or costs.       

6. Cancellation and return: Cancellation of orders and return of goods can only take place after prior written agreement. Any returned goods are usually credited with 75% of the invoice price - unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Expedition fee is not credited. Only undamaged items in intact original packaging incl. manuals, accessories etc. can be returned. Credit notes are valid as a receipt. Goods that are specially taken home cannot be returned. These are defined as items that are not displayed online or that are not normally in stock when ordering. Software is never returned. If there is any doubt about the functionality of a product, we would like to test it before purchasing in the current set-up (PC) at no charge - at our address. Note: When returning goods from Norway, where the freight is expected to be covered by DANBIT, DANBIT must be contacted prior to shipment for agreement by shipping method.       

7. Complaints: Complaints about deficiencies and visible errors must be made within 8 days of the completion of the order (after delivery or ready delivery from us). Returns must be made within 2 weeks of the delivery date.     

8. Right of withdrawal - B2B as a starting point there is no right of withdrawal, however, in certain cases we can offer to return goods. Any returns can only be made upon prior acceptance, and we reserve the right to charge a fee equal to our costs. There is a 1 year warranty right from the original invoice date, with the exception of consumables such as batteries, toner and ink cartridges, etc., where only 6 months warranty is granted, unless otherwise agreed in writing.     

9. Delivery and Shipping: Unless otherwise agreed, the Goods are delivered at our best discretion. The handling fee is DKK 95, - excl. VAT per delivery in Denmark, DKK 300, - to Greenland and the Faroe Islands and DKK 190, - for Norwegian customers. Delivery takes place in Denmark and Norway via freight forwarder, GLS, TNT or by pick-up. Shipping is paid for by us, except are rack cabinets and emergency power generators which are sent free of charge with the freight forwarder. For orders that require special design of invoice and / or shipment of goods / invoice to foreign address (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), individual handling fee is invoiced.          

10. Installation, installation and commissioning: Excludes offers unless otherwise agreed. Technical data, manuals, guides, software and any. Utilities are usually in English. Languages ​​such as Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German can occur.    

11. Free remediation and repairs: The free remedial period is 2 years from the date of invoice. Excluded are drives (including hard drives, SSDs and flash) where the period may be limited to 1 year. During the free remedy period, any defective appliances or parts must be sent to us free of charge for the buyer's risk with clear indication of invoice number, the nature of the fault and which products are further included such as floppy disks, drives, cables, manuals and the like. If the buyer is repaired or replaced, transport, subsistence and consumption costs will be to charge the buyer. Repair is most often done at our workshop, where the repair time is approx. 1 week or from our suppliers where the duration is typically 60 days. Repair is never performed while waiting. Replacement can take place in special cases, but this requires that we have received and tested the defective goods beforehand. Changeover time is min. 6 hours. In the event of a replacement, the warranty period will still apply from the original purchase. Notification of errors during the non-remuneration period may be made immediately after finding, but does not justify the buyer to withhold payment or parts thereof. The duty of remedy free of charge - which does not cover ordinary wear, replacement of wear parts and adjustment - covers only the goods delivered and lapses in the event of an overload, improper operation or if the goods are not subject to our written permission or changes. We do not guarantee product features where third-party equipment is installed / installed. We do not incur expenses on repairs of equipment provided by us, at our expense, without prior written agreement to do so. NOTE: If the equipment is submitted for testing / repair, the buyer will be charged DKK 500, - in the test fee, if no fault is found with the equipment. Extended technician support for products is billed at 600 kr. commenced hour. Project and engineering consultancy are invoiced at DKK 1250 per project. commenced hour.           

12. Product liability: For the period corresponding to the one mentioned above in item. 9 we are only liable for the damage caused by the material supplied by us if it can be documented that the damage is due to errors made by us. However, we will never be liable for operating losses, loss of profits, loss of time and other indirect losses as well as loss of data, including any loss of software, costs of circumvention or the like. Our liability for damage to products cannot exceed DKK 25,000.00. To the extent that we are liable for the use - including resale - that the Buyer may make of the delivered material, the Buyer is obliged to indemnify us for the liability we may be required and to the extent that the liability goes beyond the agreed limits. Product liability beyond our insurance is not covered (copy of insurance terms can be requested). Product liability covers only in the Nordic countries.    

13. Electric scrap (WEEE) Cf. Executive Order No. 664 of 27 June 2005 and the labeling of electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with Article 11 (2) of Directive 2002/96 / EC (WEEE). DANBIT offers our customers to dispose of electric scrap according to current legislation. Items submitted to DANBIT for destruction must bear a valid return mark. Items without return mark will be denied receipt.  

14. Payment: Card payment - Money will be withdrawn from the account on the same day as orderconfirmation is sent. Invoice/cash payment - Payment can be made on a monthly, cash or prepayment basis. Credit is provided subject to reasonable financial conditions, in our sovereign opinion. If the payment date is exceeded, the invoice amount is added interest, 0.85% per annum. commenced month, to count from the due date. In addition, a smoking fee of DKK 150, - excl. VAT per reminder.    

15. Any dispute arising between them in the bin part look with contracts to supply products from Danbit A/S including the interpretation of these terms and mounting conditions to be settled according to Danish law and with the Maritime and Commercial Court Copenhagen as a venue.