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  • Outdoor keyboard with...

    Outdoor keyboard with RFID/chip reader. Stand-alone access control. 12 - 24VDC

    Stand-alone access control in IP68 sealed housing

    ADGANG20-RFID is a stand-alone access control that can control an electronic door lock.
    Identification: Via keyboard or RFID EM card/chip.
    User capacity: Max. 2000 users.
    Identification time: < 20 ms.
    RFID Reader: EM type for 125 kHz.
    Checking the door lock:
    Relay output with make and break function 12VDC or 24VDC / 6Watt
    Housing: IP68 sealed stainless metal housing

    Technically demanding product - Support hours can be purchased additionally

    Price 755.00 DKK
    Product code: ADGANG20-RFID
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  • NTP Server - atomic clock...

    NTP Server - atomic clock DCF77 with built-in network port for accurate time synchronization of PCs

    NTP Server - Atomic clock - radio transmitter in Frankfurt DCF77 signal
    Standalone NTP time server
    Dynamic IP address from DHCP or manual selection of IP address
    Antenna is active ferrite root antenna - included
    LCD display for date and time
    Built-in battery back up RTC
    Signal strength display
    Configuration via Web browser, Windows or Linux tool

    Price 8,907.00 DKK
    Product code: ATOMUR-PRO
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  • NTP Server - Atomic clock...

    NTP Server - Atomic clock receives the time from DCF77 in Frankfurt. Extremely accurate time synchronization of Servers / PCs.

    NTP Server - Atomic clock for 19 rack mounting.
    Signal from DCF77 in Frankfurt (77.5kHz).
    Rod antenna with 5 meter cable with BNC male
    Additional antenna cable 50 ohm, BNC male/male
    Purchase BNC-SAMLE
    With network port and serial port
    1U for rack mounting
    Power is supplied from 230VAC.

    Price 12,579.00 DKK
    Product code: ATOMUR-PRO19"
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