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  • Wireless RS232 via...

    Wireless RS232 via Bluetooth up to 100 meters. With 2 pcs. If a wireless RS232 connection is established independent of drivers.

    Bluetooth from PC to the adapter provides RS232 port
    External antenna.
    Bluetooth 2.0.
    With 2 pcs. as back-to-back link
    provides connection between 2 COM ports
    Wireless transfer of data between serial ports
    Up to 100 meters
    Antenna connector is RSMA female
    Setup via AT commands
    Must be powered from 5 - 40VDC via screw terminal
    USB mini cable to A male - for power from 5VDC
    2 x screw terminal for any external power supply
    Is not battery-powered
    Use Putty for testing/setup
    Help with setup can be purchased additionally

    Price 965.00 DKK
    Product code: BLUETOOTH-RS232
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  • PS/2 extender for USB

    PS/2 extender for USB

    PS/2 tastatur/ muse adapter
    Overfør tastatur og mus 100 meter via UTP netværkskabel. 
    Består af et sendermodul og et modtagermodul.
    Indbygget USB-HUB

    Price 609.00 DKK
    Product code: BOOST-USB-TM
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  • Audio from optical Toslink...

    Audio from optical Toslink or Coax cable is converted to analog audio. Stereo. 3.5mm Jack

    Digital sound via Toslink optical fiber is converted to analogue sound - 3.5mm Jack
    Digital sound via Coax cable is converted to analogue sound - 3.5mm Jack
    Connect amplifier or headphones to the converter box.
    With volume control
    Supports SPDIF - 24 bit data
    Power supply included 5VDC/1A
    Manual switch between Toslink and Coax input

    Price 716.00 DKK
    Product code: CNV-TOSLINK-JACK
    Physically in stock  
  • USB to CAN bus converter

    USB to CAN bus converter

    CAN bus port on your computer via USB 1.1-, 2.0 or 3.0 port
    Power supplied from USB port
    LED shows initialization and CAN Bus Status
    installed as a standard Windows Com Port
    CAN modes: Standard, listen, echo
    controlled using ASCII commands
    API supplied with examples
    Plug and Play Installation
    CAN Bus speed up to 1 Mbps
    Supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B protocols
    drivers delivered for Windows and Linux OS
    Socketcan (SLCAN driver) Since core 2.6.38 +

    Price 1,132.00 DKK
    Product code: CNV-USB-CAN
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  • USB to RS232 RS422 RS485...

    USB to RS232 RS422 RS485 converter

    Connect RS232/RS422/RS485 equipment to USB port
    Baudrate up to 921,6 kbit/s
    Select type of port by DIL switch
    Supports Win7/8/10, MAC

    Price 988.00 DKK
    Product code: CNV-USB-UNI
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