With Card Reader

Card Reader Keyboard

Magnetic and Smart Card Keyboards.

Card Reader Keyboards such as. used for personal login on computer.
Suitable for institutions, educational sites, hopitalis, municipalities and the like

Keyboard with built-in card reader

With Card Reader

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  • POS keyboard 128 keys, 48...

    POS keyboard 128 keys, 48 programmeable, DK layout, USB

    POS keyboard with option for adding modules (numeric and magnetic card reader)
    Black, DK layout, USB connection.
    Programmable keyboard. 128 keys. 80 with QWERTY layout on the bottom of the keyboard.
    48 programmable on the top of the keyboard.
    Side panels and 2.6 m USB cable included

    Price 3,145.00 DKK
    Product code: POS-KEY128
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