Foot switch

Foot pedal for USB - footswitch to switch box

This section shows industrial footswitches are footswitch to switch box to the USB port. Program supplied or can be downloaded from Danbit FTP Server. This type footswitches is a make contact, cable and plug. USB foot switches / sensors is a complete unit with integrated electronics, switch, cable with USB connector. Program included or download from FTP server.

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Foot switch

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  • Programmable foot pedal for...

    Programmable foot pedal for USB, X-KEYS. With 3 switches. Selected USB-HID is stored in the foot pedal. Independent of OS.

    USB foot pedal with software - can execute HID macros via the USB port
    Each switch is programmed for its own macro.
    With the manufacturer's PC software select key functions
    The macros are stored in the foot pedal
    The foot pedal can be moved to another PC and the macros are included
    Is independent of operating system.

    The pedal is rear hinged

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