3G / 4G / GSM AT

Here you can find ways to access the Internet via a SIM card with data, depending on whether you choose 3G or 4G, the modem must be compatible with what you choose. That is, you need a modem, a "hotspot", to access devices to the Internet via the modem.

3G / 4G / GSM AT

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  • Router til netværk med 4G...

    Router til netværk med 4G backup forbindelse

    1x simkort holder
    2x 4G 4DB antenner
    2x RJ45 (1x WAN/LAN, 1x LAN)
    1x Console port
    VPN tunnel (PPTP, L2TP, MPPE, IPSEC og GRE)
    Static / dynamic routing
    PPP server / client
    DHCP server / client
    Supportere APN / VPDN
    Konfigureres via web browser eller console port
    Forsynes via medfølgende adapter (5-36V / 1,5A)

    Price 1,563.00 DKK
    Product code: ROUTER4G-CM
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