Fiber - RS232/422/485

Fiber - RS232/422/485

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  • RS232 to Multi Mode fiber...

    RS232 to Multi Mode fiber converter 50/125 or 62.5/125my, ST connector. DB9 male, up to 1.7km

    max baud rate 115kb / s for 56kb / s for signal RI
    Up to 1.7km at 62.5um fiber cable.
    Fiber Optic line multimode, 820nm
    Transmitting: RxD , TxD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, DCD, RI or 5x RxD, TxD
    RS232 signal including DCE / DTE
    Time multiplex, full duplex
    RS232 DB9 male 
    Plug fiber ST
    overvoltage (soft) protection - supply 600W / 1ms
    polarity protected with diodes on DC input
    optical indication (LED) red - PWR
    Yellow - INPUT signal
    Green - OUTPUT signal
    Supply voltage 10-30VDC or 9 - 24VAC
    power consumption max. 2W
    Dimensions: 76 x 55 x 115 mm

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  • RS232/422/485 for single...

    RS232/422/485 for single mode fiber converter, ST connector. Baud rate up to 921.6kbps. Up to 40km. 12 - 48VDC.

    Mediekonverter fra seriel til optisk fiber
    Point til Point transmission
    RS232 eller RS422 eller RS485
    Op til 40 km med single-mode
    ST stik - duplex
    Til 9/125my single mode fiber
    Reducerer signalinterferens
    Beskytter mod elektrisk interferens
    Baud rate op til 921,6 kbps
    Temperaturområde: -40 til+75°C
    Forsyningsspænding: 12 - 48VDC
    Mål: 100 x 90 x 22 mm
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