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USB contact boxes with contacts in different designs and adapter. We also have foot pedals and Matrix encoder.

USB programmable socket

Contact / Contact box

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  • Mini connector for USB...

    Mini connector for USB sockets. Cable with 3.5mm jack connector.

    Activate with fingers, toes, knees or elbows

    Mini Cup Switch for USB connector boxes
    Accessories - Pressure switch is with 3.5mm Jack connector
    Color / tags can be changed. Includes blue, red, green, yellow and orange tags
    Robust design for eg. aid centers or industrial environment
    Disabled friendly & nbsp;

    Price DKK1,009.00
    Product code: USB-KEY-MINI
    On the way in  
  • Programmable USB connector...

    Programmable USB connector adapter with 1 input for pushbutton. Performs HID command. Purchase contacts

    USB adapter for up to 3 push buttons when K-USB-KEY3 splitter cable is purchased.
    With 3-splitter cable, USB KEY3 can be programmed to 3 different HID commands
    Purchase pushbuttons (foot pedal or similar) with end connector, 3.5mm jack, common set
    Programs HID command in the adapter for each push button

    Price DKK671.00
    Product code: USB-KEY3
    Physically in stock