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USB contact boxes with contacts in different designs and adapter. We also have foot pedals and Matrix encoder.

USB programmable socket

Contact / Contact box

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  • Mini connector for USB...

    Mini connector for USB sockets. Cable with 3.5mm jack connector.

    Activate with fingers, toes, knees or elbows

    Mini Cup Switch for USB connector boxes
    Accessories - Pressure switch is with 3.5mm Jack connector
    Color / tags can be changed. Includes blue, red, green, yellow and orange tags
    Robust design for eg. aid centers or industrial environment
    Disabled friendly & nbsp;

    Price 1,009.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-KEY-MINI
    On the way in  
  • X-keys - Programmable USB...

    X-keys - Programmable USB adapter with contact-1 inputs to the pushbutton. Performs HID command. acquisition contacts

    USB adapter for up to 3 push buttons when K-USB-KEY3 splitter cable is purchased.
    With 3-splitter cable, USB KEY3 can be programmed to 3 different HID commands
    Purchase pushbuttons (foot pedal or similar) with end connector, 3.5mm jack, common set
    Programs HID command in the adapter for each push button

    Price 729.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-KEY3
    Physically in stock