What is high brightness screen? And where it is used for?

A high brightness screen or sunlight readable screens are designed to work in very bright environment, but still keeping being clearly readable. Sunlight readable screens normally produce over 1000 nits of brightness, where typical PC monitor has around 300 nits.

A high brightness screens are typically used in outdoor projects for example: parking payment systems, vending machines, information and advising systems, stadiums as well as military vehicles, on ships for navigation systems, bus and train platforms.

All our high brightness screens are industrial quality and ensures that your continent will be seen. We have all types of industrial high brightness screens that can be used in all kind harsh environments like low or high temperatures, shock resistant, damaged resistant, water and dust resistant. To make sure that you screen will be operating as it should.

Why Optical Bonding Technology is important for high brightness screens?


Optical Bonding Technology Lets anti-reflective glass, plastic, or touch sensor to be mounted directly on display panel that removes gap between display and outer layer. With this method significantly increase contrast ratio inside a high ambient light. There for screen can be seen a lot better.