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External accessories for PC upgrades or more functions. We have a large selection of hard drives, memory cards, adapters and expansion cards. Here you can buy loose accessories for more specific solutions. See our subcategories to find the right accessories to what you need, otherwise you are more than welcome to contact our sales department.

External accessories for PC (SSD, HDD, Flash, FDD, etc.)

SSD / HDD / FLASH / DVD / FDD / Media-Copy / RAID

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  • Adapter, 3½ "-2½" ell.2½ "-3½"

    Adapter, 3½ "-2½" ell.2½ "-3½"

    Adapter print with 2 x 40 and 2 x 44 pin IDE jacks. Connect 2½ "HDD to 3½" cable and visa versa. Power cable for 2½ "w / Molex.

    Price 295.00 DKK
    Product code: CNV-PRINT-IDE
    Physically in stock  
  • Floppy drive without disk....

    Floppy drive without disk. Disk-emulator to USB-stick. Long fil navne. 1,44MB

    USB floppy emulator
    3½ "floppy drive with USB interface
    Up to 1.44 MB of data on each floppy disk
    connected as Floppy Drive to 34-Pins FloppyInterface on the motherboard
    Each folder on The USB stick is seen as a floppy disk is chosen via buttons on the front
    Supports XP
    Does not support Win10

    Price 2,415.00 DKK
    Product code: FD-FLASH-UNI-E
    Physically in stock