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See our selection of CD / DVD burners. A CD burner is a device that can record data on a CD. CD-RW (CD-RW) and CD-RW (CD-RW) are the two most common types of drives that can write CDs, either once (in the case of CD-R) or repeatedly (in the case of of CD-RW). In the recording, the data is actually etched into the disc (burned) with a laser, compared to non-recordable CDs. Audio CDs and CD-ROMs are squeezed from copies of original recordings (which are burnt by lasers).

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CD/DVD burner

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  • CD/DVD Brænder, automatisk...

    CD/DVD Brænder, automatisk via pc el. stand alone.

    Automatisk CD/DVD brænder
    30 CD/DVD’er med lukket låg eller op til 100 CD/DVD’er med åbent låg
    PC tilslutning: USB3.0 SuperSpeed
    Forsyning: 100 ~ 240VAC, 5VDC 2,5A og 12VDC 1,5A

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    Product code: KOPI-DVD100USB
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