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RAID 5 - RAID system with...

RAID 5 - RAID system with USB 3.0 to 4 x SATA II HDD

RAID system with USB 3.0 to 4 SATA II hard drives

RAID5SATA-USB3 + has the combination of USB 3.0's high throughput and RAID 0 and RAID 5's use of multiple hard drives - the best performance in reading and writing. RAID5SATA-USB3 + is equally applicable to desktop users with large space requirements and servers, where it in a simple manner to provide up to 16 TB storage space to the users (12 TB of RAID 5).

The hard disks in RAID5SATA-USB3 + may in failure mode is changed during operation when using RAID 5. When a new hard drive is plugged in, the replenishing automatically based on the information on the 3 remaining.

Price 3,721.00 DKK
Product code: RAID5SATA-USB3+
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  • 51/4 "RAID system for 2x 2...

    51/4 "RAID system for 2x 2 ½" HDD SATAIII, RAID 1

    RAID 1/0 controller
    51/4 "
    Interface: SATA III (6.0Gbps)
    Plug and Play, Italy Hot-Swap and Auto Rebuild
    4cm Silent Powerful Cooling Fan
    RAID 1/0
    ARAID SMART monitoring software download Scheduled backup

    Price 2,719.00 DKK
    Product code: RAID1SATA3-2.5
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