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  • 8 channel frequency...

    8 channel frequency counter, max. 500kHz via USB. Pulse count up/down or phase A/B. Powered from USB port

    Versatile frequency counter, pulse counter via the USB port
    Powered from the USB port
    A total of 8 entries, of which:
    4 channels for UP/DOWN, DIR/PULSE, Phase AB
    8 channels for Count-Up and frequency counter
    32 bit resolution
    Max. 500kHz (non-isolated)
    Input voltage: 0 - +30V
    USB 2.0
    YOUR assembly
    Dimensions: 107 x 102 x 33 mm
    Operating temperature: -25 - + 75°C

    Price 1,706.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-COUNT
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