8 channel frequency counter, max. 500kHz via USB. Pulse count up/down or phase A/B. Powered from USB port

Versatile frequency counter, pulse counter via the USB port
Powered from the USB port
A total of 8 entries, of which:
4 channels for UP/DOWN, DIR/PULSE, Phase AB
8 channels for Count-Up and frequency counter
32 bit resolution
Max. 500kHz (non-isolated)
Input voltage: 0 - +30V
USB 2.0
YOUR assembly
Dimensions: 107 x 102 x 33 mm
Operating temperature: -25 - + 75°C

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USB-COUNT is a USB device with 8-channel for frequency and up counters or 4-channel for up / down, direction / pulse and A/B phase counters.
Is for industrial control and manufacturing test applications such as factory automation or embedded machine control.
Plug Play, so you don't need to open your computer to install card, just connect the module and then download or set the data.
Due to another USB feature known as "hot-swapping", users don't even need to shut down and reboot the system to connect or remove a peripheral.
The USB I/O tool can help users configure and test USB-COUNT quickly and easily without programming:
In addition, we also have an API library and demos so that users can develop their own USB application with various application development tools (VB / C++ / C# .NET / VB.NET).
Therefore, USB-COUNT is the perfect way to add measurement and control functions to any USB-compatible computer.

102 x 33 x 107 mm
Via USB porten
Ikke isoleret Logisk 0: 0 – 0,8 V, Logisk 1: 2 – 5 V. Isoleret Logisk 0: 0 – 1 V Logisk 1: 4,5 – 30 V
2500 VDC
USB driver til Windows 2000,XP, Win7 og Win8
USB type B og skrueterminaler