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Video Converter / Audio / Translator

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  • Konverter USB3.0 til DP...

    Konverter USB3.0 til DP displayport,

    USB 3.0 til displayport (DP) Adapter - USB3.0 han til DP hun.

    USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Graphics Dongle with 4K Ultra-HD Resolution Support. 

    Price DKK839.00
    Product code: CNV-USB3-DP
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  • VGA to CV, Composite and...

    VGA to CV, Composite and S-VHS, with Scaler

    Convert / adapter from VGA to CV and SV
    Automatically registers and converts PC signal to NTSC or PAL
    Supports PC input resolutions from VGA to WUXGA
    Scaling PC video to Composite Video / S -Video
    Input 1x 15-pin D-sub 1x PC RGBHV
    Output 1x S-Video 1x S-Video & nbsp; 1x RCA 1x Composite Video
    5V / 2.6A

    Price DKK752.00
    Product code: CNV-VGA-CVSV
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  • DisplayPort to DVI adapter,...

    DisplayPort to DVI adapter, 1920 x 1200

    DisplayPort (DP) to DVI-D (Digital) Converter - DP and DVI-D are same video format
    DisplayPort slot with lock.
    No audio transfer
    Pay attention to mechanical load of DP connector , as the DVI cable is heavy

    Price DKK211.00
    Product code: CNV-DP-DVI+
    Physically in stock