VGA to Composite, VGA to video RCA / phono. Purchase BNCM-PHONOM from BNC to RCA, S-VHS, 5VDC from USB

VGA to Video converter
Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Resolution, MAC: 832 x 624
VGA input: DB15HD she
VGA output for local monitor: DB15DH she
Video output: RCA Composite
Video output: S-VHS mini-DIN
Power supply: 5VDC via USB cable to the PC / PSU.

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With VGA TV +, a VGA signal from a PC or MAC computer can be converted to composite video, S-Video or RGB signal and connected to a video, DVD recorder or TV. VGA TV + comes with signal cables, USB cable for power supply through PC or MAC.
Resolution: Up to 1280 x 1024 v / 60 Hz on PC. Up to 832 x 624 v / 75 Hz on MAC
Signal Inputs: VGA, DB15HDF Connectors
Signal Outputs: S-Video (4-pin Mini-DIN), Composite Video (Phono), RGB (9-pin Mini- DIN) and VGA, DB15HDF connector
Power supply: Supplied from PC or MAC through supplied USB cable.

VGA, DB15HDF stik
Op til 1280 x 1024 v/60 Hz på pc Op til 832 x 624 v/75 Hz på MAC
S-Video (4-ben Mini-DIN), composite video (phono), RGB (9-ben Mini-DIN) og VGA, DB15HDF stik