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  • 2 x RS232 serial ports for...

    2 x RS232 serial ports for PCI. Plug & play, high and low back plate, TITAN PCI-200LP UPCI Vscom

    2 x RS232 serial ports with plug & amp; play
    1 x TITAN BSP9216B (chipset)
    1 x DB25 male connector on the card
    1 x DB25 female for two DB9 male adapter cables included
    Bus: universal PCI (5V and 3.3V) 32 bit 33MHz
    RS232 signal: DCD, RxD, TxD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI
    Max. bitrate: 921.6kbps
    Each port with 16 bit FIFO for transmit & amp; review
    IS support: Windows, Linux
    0 ° C to 60 ° C

    Price 302.00 DKK
    Product code: SER2PCI3V-L
    Physically in stock  
  • 2 RS232-422-485 serielle...

    2 RS232-422-485 serielle porte til PCI, Titan UPCI-200LI-SI

    2 porte til RS232/422/485, med 2 KV iso., universal PCI
    ​64-bit System Intel Itanium 
    AMD Athlon 64 64-bit CPU System 
    Microsoft Win 9x/ME/NT, Win 2K/XP/2003, Win CE 
    Linux 2.0.x / 2.2.x / 2.4.x / 2.6.x 
    DOS DOS 

    Price 1,212.00 DKK
    Product code: RS485ISO2+S-U
    Physically in stock