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Wireless RS232 via...

Wireless RS232 via Bluetooth up to 100 meters. With 2 pcs. If a wireless RS232 connection is established independent of drivers.

Bluetooth from PC to the adapter provides RS232 port
External antenna.
Bluetooth 2.0.
With 2 pcs. as back-to-back link
provides connection between 2 COM ports
Wireless transfer of data between serial ports
Up to 100 meters
Antenna connector is RSMA female
Setup via AT commands
Must be powered from 5 - 40VDC via screw terminal
USB mini cable to A male - for power from 5VDC
2 x screw terminal for any external power supply
Is not battery-powered
Use Putty for testing/setup
Help with setup can be purchased additionally

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Product code: BLUETOOTH-RS232
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  • Wireless RS232 / RS485...

    Wireless RS232 / RS485 Radio module for transmission of serial data communication, 1 to 1 or 1 to more. DIN bracket

    Radio link for serial transfer on the 2.4GHz band
    one for a (P2P) or one for more (P2M)
    Range Up to 700 meters with whip-antenna
    Range Improves panel antenna < Br> Serial port: RS232 or RS485
    supply and COM port is with shed terminals
    antenna: R/SMA female
    Simple Setup with Turn and Dip Switche
    2.4GHz, 16 channels
    Supply 10 to 30 VDC

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    Product code: M485-RADIO-I
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  • RS232 serial extender up to...

    RS232 serial extender up to 250 meters via RJ45 point to point cable. 5VDC with Power over Cable

    RS232 Rxtends up to 250 meters over RJ45 cable
    Baud rate: 110 ~ 921,600, 8-bit
    Use STP (shielded) patch cable - straight through
    The network cable must not be connected to the patch panel
    1 x 5VDC/1A - the power supply supplies both devices (PoC)
    Important: If the distance is long, 2 power supplies are recommended
    Important: If the network cable is of poor quality, use 2 power supplies

    Price 1,259.00 DKK
    Product code: BOOST-RS232RJ45+
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  • RS232 serial booster up to...

    RS232 serial booster up to 1.2km via RJ45 point to point cable

    Extend the distance between PC and RS232 Equipment
    Straight through network cable
    RS232 serial port boost up to 1.2 km
    Baud rate range: 300 - 200kbps
    Supply voltage: DC9-24V (not included )
    Optical isolation
    isolation voltage: 2500Vrms pulse or 500 V = continuous
    Dimensions: 100 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm
    Weight: 350 g

    Price 1,900.00 DKK
    Product code: BOOST-RS232-RJ45
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  • 4 port manual switch box...

    4 port manual switch box for 4 x DB25 units

    4 x COM port switch with DB25 female
    1 x common DB25 female
    For serial port or parallel port
    Works both ways
    Mechanical switch for test use only
    All conductors in the plug are switched

    Price 861.00 DKK
    Product code: SW-DB25-4
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  • Wireless RS232 connection...

    Wireless RS232 connection via Bluetooth - as a set. Up to 100 meters between the two RS232 ports.

    Wireless RS232 link between two RS232 ports.
    Only available as a set (2 pcs.).
    BT Ver 2.0 + EDR Class1
    Up to 100meters with accompanying antennas by line-of-sight
    Up to 1km with greater external antennas (optional)
    automatic connection establishment at power on
    with frequency hopping to avoid interference
    Baud rate: 1200 - 115.200kbps, 8 data bits, the O / E / No, 1/2 stop bits
    Setup baud rate, etc. with Hyper Terminal or the like.
    RTS / CTS on / off - DTR / DSR / DCD loop-back
    Supports multi-connection: 1 master 4 slaves
    Supply voltage: 5 - 12VDC / 80mA

    Price 4,527.00 DKK
    Product code: BLUETOOTH-RS232+
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  • Serial Port...

    Serial Port Sharer/Converter, Modbus RTU/ASCII, Two Masters Share One Slave

    Supports Baud Rate conversion
    Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol
    Supports two masters sharing one slave port
    Raw data mode for most query-response protocols
    Built-in web server for easy configuration (HTTP)
    Redundant power inputs: PoE (IEEE 802.3af, Class 1) and DC jack
    Allows automatic RS-485 direction control
    Tiny form-factor and low power consumption
    Read-cache ensures faster response

    Price 1,264.00 DKK
    Product code: M485-2M-1S
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  • Wireless serial port...

    Wireless serial port converter. Dual band Wifi. Select RS232, RS422, 2-wire RS485. Baud rate up to 921.6kbps. Up to 100 meters

    Wireless Com Port - Can Peer-to-Peer connection
    IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
    2.4 GHz, 5 GHz Dual Band
    1 Port RS232 or RS422 or 2-wire RS485
    Max.Baud Rate: 921.6 Kbps
    Operating temperature: -40 - +85°C
    with COM Port Re-Director, TestView
    ± 15KV IEC ESD protection
    Supply voltage: 5 - 12VDC / 2W
    infrastructure, Soft AP, Roaming
    sWifi config Mobile App for Android

    Price 2,646.00 DKK
    Product code: WIFI-SERIAL
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  • 433 MHz Wireless modem with...

    433 MHz Wireless modem with 1 COM port, RS232 or RS485, 1200 to 115,2kbps, Up to 500 meters.

    Transparent Wireless RS232 or RS485 link with 2 pcs.
    Programmable with DIP- and Rotary switches
    433 MHz Radio Frequency
    16 RF Channels
    0dBi Omni antenna
    Baud Rates from 1200 to 115200 bps
    Includes a PA switch that can be used to enhance the RF power
    Wireless line of sight (LOS) transmission range of up to 500 meters at an RF Baud Rate of 9600 bps
    RS232 (RX/TX/GND) and RS485 (2-wire) interfaces
    N81, E81, O81
    Temperatures, -25 - +75°C
    TX power: 10dBm to 19dBm
    Supply: 10 - 30VDC / 1Watt
    Dim: 107 x 83 x 33 mm

    Price 1,665.00 DKK
    Product code: M485-RADIO-43I
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