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  • Fiber Splices - Fusion,...

    Fiber Splices - Fusion, Automatic Fiber for Fiber. Splice fiber cables in 8 seconds. Portable in solid all-in-one box

    Fiber splicer for Single Mode, Multi Mode fiber cables
    Multi-feature fiber holder for fiber-core, pigtails etc.
    Exactly fiber core against fiber core adjustment
    Cladding: 80-150 my meter
    Coating: 100 - 1000 my meter
    Fiber Cleaved Length: 8 - 16 mm
    Splicing Time: approx. 8 seconds
    Splicing is Fusion
    4.3" LCD Touch Display - Flip Out
    Battery: 5200mAh Rechargeable Typical 200 x Charges
    12VDC Net adapter included
    Dimensions 130 x 154 x 132 mm
    Weight: 1.95kg
    Robust plastic box with inserts and accessories

    Price 12,566.00 DKK
    Product code: FIBER-SPLIDSER
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