In this category you will find our selection of DisplayPort cables. We offer DisplayPort to HDMI, Mini DP and USB. You can also get them with mechanical lock. With a DisplayPort cable, you can connect your computer and monitor screen. DisplayPort is NOT compatible with HDMI or DVI, here to use a converter. See the selection below.

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  • Konverter USB3.0 til DP...

    Konverter USB3.0 til DP displayport,

    USB 3.0 til displayport (DP) Adapter - USB3.0 han til DP hun.

    USB 3.0 to DisplayPort Graphics Dongle with 4K Ultra-HD Resolution Support. 

    Price DKK839.00
    Product code: CNV-USB3-DP
    Physically in stock  
  • DisplayPort male / female...

    DisplayPort male / female adapter, 90° angled (up)

    Adapter with DP male / female connector
    Angled 90 ° (up)
    Supports High Definition video, multi-channel digital audio and DPCP
    Gold-plated connector
    Supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 and 1600P and sound
    Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 23mm

    Price DKK130.00
    Product code: DPM-F-V
    Physically in stock  
  • DisplayPort kabel. DP mini...

    DisplayPort kabel. DP mini han – DP han, 5,0m

    DisplayPort version 1.2, overfører 3D og lydsignaler, med mekanisk lås.

    • Connects a Apple Mac with an DisplayPort-compatible display
    • also connects a Macbook or an desktop PC like the Mac Mini with an DisplayPort display.

    Forhandles i flere længder.

    Price DKK187.00
    Product code: K-DPMM-M5
    Physically in stock  
  • Konverter USB3.1C til...

    Konverter USB3.1C til displayport,

    USB 3.1C til DisplayPort (DP) Adapter - grafikkort
    Opløsning op til 1080p og 4K2K
    USB 3.1C han til DP hun 
    15 cm kabel mellem de 2 stik

    Price DKK91.00
    Product code: CNV-USB3DP
    Physically in stock