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KVM omskifter til 2-4 pc'er...

KVM omskifter til 2-4 pc'er med DVI, lyd & USB

2 ports Dual head KVM switch, DVI-D, USB
2 x DVI-D - Dual head version
2 x USB for mouse and keyboard
2 x USB to USB devices - transparent USB < br> Resolution up to 1920 x 1200 pixels
Hot-key switching or front buttons
2-way audio
Cables to be purchased, available in longer lengths
Can act as DVI-D switches - Here is the supplied power supply

Price 2,074.00 DKK
Product code: KVM2-DVI2-U-L
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  • Restlager: 2-ports manuel...

    Restlager: 2-ports manuel omskifter til DVI

    SW-KEYMON2M-DVI er en manuel passiv omskifter med 2 tilslutninger. Der er DVI-D til grafikkort og skærm, og med USB til tastatur og mus.

    Nedsat pris - Begrænset lager!

    Price 309.00 DKK
    Product code: SW-KEYMON2M-DVI
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  • 2 port KVM switch with DVI,...

    2 port KVM switch with DVI, USB and audio 4K @ 30Hz

    2-port KVM switch
    1 x DVI 1.0 inch (from each PC)
    1 x USB BM 2.0 (from each PC)
    3 x USB 2.0 for mouse and keyboard on the control side
    Sound in and out
    EDID support
    Resolution up to 3840x2160 @ 30HZ (NOTE 30HZ!)
    Change from button on the front
    Cables must be purchased, available in several lengths
    Can function as a DVI or USB switch, requires supplied power supply

    Price 1,848.00 DKK
    Product code: KVM2-DVI-U-L
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