Danbit is a leading supplier in Denmark within X-Keys programmable keyboards. Choose from 4 up to 128 programmable buttons. Make work processes faster, more efficient and more accurate. With a programmable keyboard from X-Keys, you can enter both numbers and shapes, for fast shortcuts. In addition to the range of programmable keyboards, X-Keys offers a large number of other product groups, see them on our website.

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Programmable USB plug...

Programmable USB plug adapter. X-KEYS. With 1 Jack input for up to 3 push buttons. Executes HID command. Purchase contacts

USB adapter for max. 3 push buttons:
Splitter cable K-USB-KEY3 must be purchased separately.
With a 3-splitter cable, the USB-KEY3 can be programmed for 3 different HID commands
Additional push buttons (foot pedal or similar) with end switch, 3.5mm jack, common frame
Program the HID command into the adapter for each push button
Button setup is stored in the USB adapter

Price 1,121.00 DKK
Product code: USB-KEY3
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  • Programmable foot pedal for...

    Programmable foot pedal for USB, X-KEYS. With 3 switches. Selected USB-HID is stored in the foot pedal. Independent of OS.

    USB foot pedal with software - can execute HID macros via the USB port
    Each switch is programmed for its own macro.
    With the manufacturer's PC software select key functions
    The macros are stored in the foot pedal
    The foot pedal can be moved to another PC and the macros are included
    Is independent of operating system.

    Price 2,411.00 DKK
    Product code: USB3FOOT+
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  • 8 programmerbare taster på...

    8 programmerbare taster på række, USB

    USB Stick Keys with 8 programmable keys:

    Virker med alle operativsystemer
    MacroWorks 3.1 Software til Windows og Mac inkluderet
    Blå adresserbar baggrundsbelysning under hver tast
    Tilføj specialtegn til tastatur

    Price 2,081.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-USB8STICK
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  • X-KEYS keyboard with 60...

    X-KEYS keyboard with 60 programmable keys, HID, USB. 1 key stroke for multi execution. Simple programming

    Keyboard with 60 Programmable keys
    USB HID - keyboard emulation
    Works with all operating systems
    Programmed features stored in the keyboard
    Macroworks software for Windows and Mac included Blue and Red Addressable Backlight under each key
    Add special characters for keyboard (Macro)
    Size: 210 x 184 x 24 mm

    Price 3,826.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-NUM60
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  • X-KEYS - Mini contact with...

    X-KEYS - Mini contact with closing contact. Used for USB contact boxes. Cord with 3.5mm jack connector.

    Activate the contact with fingers, toes, knees or elbows Mini Cup Switch to USB contact boxes
    accessory - The pressure switch is with 3.5mm Jack connector
    color / brands can be changed. Blue, red, green, yellow and orange brands are included
    robust design for e.g. Aid centers or industrial environment
    Disabled access

    Price 1,551.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-KEY-MINI
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  • X-Keys 60 Key Programmable...

    X-Keys 60 Key Programmable Keyboard for KVM Switch, USB, Backlight

    USB Programmable Keypad for KVM Control, 60 keys.
    USB - HID
    Customize for managing KVM Switch
    PROGRAM for Button macro: Macroworks 3.1
    easy and simple programming
    Works With all operating systems
    built-in memory with 1000 seats
    blue and red addressable backlight
    target: 210 x 184 x 41 mm

    Price 4,274.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-NUM-P60KVM
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  • X-KEYS IP65 Robust Industry...

    X-KEYS IP65 Robust Industry 2 button Contact for harsh environment, oil and chemical resistant. For USB contact boxes.

    2 pcs. 22mm buttons in a robust security orange box
    push-buttons with connectors
    Pressure power for activation 770g
    X-Keys USB contact boxes - See our selection
    for harsh environments , IP 65, water, oil and chemical resistant
    2.9 meters Robust cable for 3.5mm connector
    target: 133 x 57 x 48 mm
    Weight: 567g
    High Force buttons in Protected recess to prevent accidental activation
    bracket for attachment of cable
    design for low voltage - under 32VDC / 1A (not high voltage)
    Perfect for start / stop (Macro programmed in X-KEYS USB box) For example: Control and display menus in industrial screens
    Next and back buttons in computer controlled automation systems

    Price 877.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-KEY-ROBUST2
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  • X-KEYS IP65 Robust Industry...

    X-KEYS IP65 Robust Industry 8 button Contact for harsh environment, oil and chemical resistant. For X-Keys USB Contact box

    8 pieces. 22mm buttons in a robust safety orange box
    Buttons with make-contact (NO)
    Key-force activation 770g
    USB switch box with DB15HD plug
    For harsh environments, IP65, water -, oil and chemical resistant
    Cable 5meter. USB A connector on the cable from the switch box
    Dimensions: 320 x 57 x 48 mm
    Weight: 567g
    High Force buttons in protected groove to prevent accidental
    Hanger bracket for attachment of cable
    Designed for low voltage - below 32VDC / 1A (no high voltage)
    Perfect for industrial processes
    Macro programmed in X-KEYS USB box
    macros in USB KEY ROBUST8 Plug and Play

    Price 3,552.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-KEY-ROBUST8
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