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Advanced and simple cable testers for fiber cables.

Fiber tester

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  • Fiber tester - all in one....

    Fiber tester - all in one. Tests fiber cables for throughput losses. For SFP modules. For 4 wavelengths.

    Fiber Tester. Measures how much loss there is in a fiber cable at the selected wavelength
    3 x SFP ports (2 x Light Source, 1 x Power Meter)

    SFP modules included:
    650mm FP SC SFP
    850mm VCSEL SC SFP
    1310mm FP SC SFPT
    1550mm FP SC SFP
    FiTs Meter Module SC 850/1310/1490 / 1550mm
    Purchase remote module TEST-FIBER-PM for measuring on mounted fiber cables

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    Product code: TEST-FIBER-PM-LS
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  • Cable tests for fiber...

    Cable tests for fiber cables with LC connectors. Tests fiber cables for breakage and review. Lights up where it is broken

    Fiber cable terminals for LC / MU plugs.
    This type of fiber has a tip diameter of 1.25 mm
    The tip of the test fitting for fiber cables with a tip diameter of 1.25mm
    Transmits visible light through the fiber

    The cable will light up where there is a break or crack.
    For a healthy cable, the light is seen at the opposite end of the fiber cable.

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    Product code: TEST-FIBER-LC
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  • Fiber Cable Tester. Check...

    Fiber Cable Tester. Check fiber cable for breakage and review. The cable lights up where there is a defect. To SC / ST / FC

    Fiber cable tester for SC / FC / ST / E2000 plug types
    The tip of these fiber cables a 2.5mm
    The tester's tip fits fiber ends with a diameter of 2.5mm
    Sending visible light through the fibers.
    In case of fracture, the fiber cable will light up on the spot.
    By healthy cable, light is visible at the opposite end of the fiber

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    Product code: TEST-FIBER-UNI
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