Cable tester for fiber cables with LC connector. Tester fiber breakage and review. The cable lights up when it is defective

The fiber cable tester for LC / MU connectors.
This type of fiber has a tip diameter of 1.25 mm
Test residue tip suitable for fiber cables with a tip diameter of 1.25mm
Transmitter visible light through the fiber
Tester fiber cable with LC connectors at both ends
Tester Pigtail fiber with LC in one end
Cable will light up when there is a rupture or crack.
in a healthy cable the light is seen only in the opposite end of the fiber cable.

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TEST-FIBER-LC is a fiber cable tester that tests for breaks in a light guide.
TEST-FIBER-LC test cables with 1.25mm LC / MU connectors.
When testing cable into the connector on TEST fIBER-LC adapter, so that the cable is lit up sharply at break site. In a healthy cable seen the light only at the other end. Includes storage bag.

1,25 mm universal
-10° - 50° C
1 x AAA batteri (medfølger), ca. 30 timers drif