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  • RS232 serial extender up to...

    RS232 serial extender up to 250 meters via RJ45 point to point cable. 5VDC with Power over Cable

    RS232 Rxtends up to 250 meters over RJ45 cable
    Baud rate: 110 ~ 921,600, 8-bit
    Use STP (shielded) patch cable - straight through
    The network cable must not be connected to the patch panel
    1 x 5VDC/1A - the power supply supplies both devices (PoC)
    Important: If the distance is long, 2 power supplies are recommended
    Important: If the network cable is of poor quality, use 2 power supplies

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    Product code: BOOST-RS232RJ45+
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  • RS232 serial port...

    RS232 serial port amplifier, all baud rate up to 120kbps.

    Extend serial cable up to 1600 meters, transiently protected
    RS232 / V.24
    Transparent data: syncronous and asyncronous
    All HW and software handshakes
    DB25 male and DB25 female
    With screw terminal connection of serial I / O
    With RJ45 connection of serial from special cable
    DC9V / 2A power supply included

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    Product code: BOOST-SER+S
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  • 4 Ports RS485 / 422...

    4 Ports RS485 / 422 Extender over Fiber 1200 - 115Kbps, 4 x Screw terminal, 100Mbit SFP Multi Mode and Single Mode

    4 x RS485/422 COM ports over fiber, fiber network
    Extender over fiber with 4 x RS422 / 485
    1 x 100 Mbit fiber
    Screw terminal block (5 pole)
    SFP slot for 100mbit Multi Mode LC Fiber
    62 x 50 x 120 mm
    Display 3 LEDs Displays TX / RX, Network and System Status
    Supply 9 - 32 VDC (not supplied)

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    Product code: BOOST-4RS485-FIBER
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