Øg Spænding (Step-Up)

Øg Spænding (Step-Up)

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Output 48VDC / 8A...

Output 48VDC / 8A (384Watt), input from 10 - 25VDC. DC-DC step-up, Not galvanically isolated

12-25VDC to 48VDC 384Watt step-up converter
No galvanic isolation between input and output
Input from 10 - 25VDC
93% efficiency
Max. ripple full load: 170mV
No-load current: 70mA
Overvoltage and overheat protected
Aluminum metal housing with IP68 tightness
Flange mounting
Cable length: 14cm
Working temperature -40 - +80°C
Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 39mm
Weight: 500g

Price 944.00 DKK
Product code: DC-DC48V-95W
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  • 12VDC / 700mA step-up power...

    12VDC / 700mA step-up power supply from 5VDC/2.5A via USB plug. Jack is 5.5/2.1mm

    MAX 12V 0.7A (8.4 Watts)
    USB to 2.1x5.5 mm plug
    To supply 12V/0.7A, the 5V input must be a minimum of 2A
    A PC USB2.0 port provides max. 5V/0.5A (2.5 Watt)
    A PC USB3.0 port provides max. 5V/0.9A (4.5 Watt)
    Laptop is typically 5V/0.2A (1 Watt)
    For power consumption above what a USB port can supply - use an external 5V power supply
    The power is dependent on the 5V supply (P=V*A) (Power=Voltage * amps)
    1 meter cable

    Price 185.00 DKK
    Product code: DC-DC5VUSB-12V
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  • USB Boost DC 5V to 9V/12V...

    USB Boost DC 5V to 9V/12V USB Step-up

    MAX Output 12V 0.8A or 9V 1A

    USB to DC3.5mm or USB to DC5.5mm

    For at forsyne 12V/0.7A skal 5V input være minimum 2A

    En PC USB2.0 port giver maks. 5V/0,5A (2,5 Watt)

    En PC USB3.0 port giver maks. 5V/0,9A (4,5 Watt)

    Price 220.00 DKK
    Product code: DC-DC5VUSB-12V/9V
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