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  • PoE Splitter RJ45, 5V/3A,...

    PoE Splitter RJ45, 5V/3A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2.5A, 18V/1.6A, 10/100/1000Mbit,

    PoE splitter with voltage selector for 5, 9.12.18 Volts
    Up to max. 30W
    IEEE 602.3af/at(POE) IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)
    IEEE 802.3U, IEEE 802.3ab (Gigabit Ethernet)
    1 x 10/100/1000 Mbit RJ45 PoE port (data + power input)
    1 x 10/100/1000 Mbit RJ45 LAN port (data only)
    1 x DC plug 5.5 / 2.1 mm - Output voltage (DC out)
    Cat. 5E, 6 UTP
    DC voltage from PoE switch or Injector 36 to 57 VDC
    2 x RJ45 Note PoE does not go back to the RJ45 output - only data!
    ROHS, CE, FCC (FCC Part15, Class B)

    Price 330.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE5-18V
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  • PoE Extender. 1 x PoE + in...

    PoE Extender. 1 x PoE + in and 2 x PoE + out. Split PoE into 2 PoE PD units, 25 watts in total

    Gigabit PoE and Data Extender / splitter
    1 x RJ45 data + PoE + input
    2 x RJ45 data + PoE + outputs
    Standard: IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at
    From Injector to Extender up to 100 meters
    From Extender out to PD devices up to 100 meters
    Wall mounting
    Plug & Play
    Temperature range: 0- + 50 ° C
    Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 28 mm
    Weight: 234g

    Price 970.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE-BOOST-2G
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  • POE extender, up to 100...

    POE extender, up to 100 meters, RJ45

    Power over Ethernet - No Additional Power Source Required
    Extend a POE signal max. 100m over a single CAT cable (cat 5 or higher)

    Price 682.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-EXT-POE
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  • PoE Tester for units over...

    PoE Tester for units over PoE network

    Quick and Easy PoE tester
    IEEE 802.3af / at
    UTP Cat 5 or above
    100 meters max.
    Dimensions: 23 x 70.1 x 22 mm | Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60 C
    weight: 20g

    Price 204.00 DKK
    Product code: POE-TESTER
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  • IP67 tight Gigabit PoE++...

    IP67 tight Gigabit PoE++ injector (60W) PoE + Data. 24 -56VDC input

    IP67 and IK10 Gbit PoE injector for outdoor mounting
    PoE++ (60W) injector for PoE equipment
    1 x RJ45 port for PoE++ out Data+PoE
    1 x RJ45 port Data in
    1 x Phoenix connector for the input voltage
    DC24V 72W input
    DC36V 71W input
    DC54V 66W input
    PoE standard: IEEE 802.3at/bt (PoE++)
    PoE out Mid-span / End-span
    Operating temperature: -40 - +75°C
    Wall bracket
    Dimensions: 170 x 73 x 44 mm
    Weight: 425

    Price 1,322.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE++INJ-WP
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  • PoE++ extender / Extender...

    PoE++ extender / Extender over CAT. 5/6/7/8, Up to 200 meters, 4 PoE+ outputs

    10/100/1000Mbit network extender / PoE splitter
    1 x PoE input (PD) PoE++ 95W
    4 x PoE outputs (PSE) PoE+ 32W
    Up to 32W per PoE port, 65W total power budget (see specifications)
    Extend the network cable over the maximum 100 meters for PoE solutions
    Extenders are powered by PoE and pass PoE on to the next extender
    Dimensions: 168 x 93 x 32 mm, Weight: 403g

    Price 1,150.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE-BOOST-4G
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  • Gigabit PoE++ Splitter...

    Gigabit PoE++ Splitter (60W) for POE Data and 12VDC / 5A or 19VDC / 3.2A or 24VDC / 2.5A out for equipment

    Gigabit PoE splitter for indoor mounting
    PoE++ (60W) Splitter with optional DC output to non-PoE equipment
    DC output: 12VDC / 5A or 19VDC / 3.2A or 24VDC / 2.5A
    1 x RJ45 port to PoE++ in from Switch or PoE injector
    1 x RJ45 port (data) to non-PoE equipment
    1 x DC Jack connector (5.5 / 2.5mm) for equipment
    POE Standard: IEEE 802.3 at / bt (PoE++)
    IEEE 802.3at (PoE+ Mid-Span)
    IEEE 802-3bt (PoE++ Poh HDbaset)
    Operating temperature: 0 - +50°C
    Wall bracket
    Size: 94 x 70 x 39 mm
    Weight: 265g

    Price 1,373.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE60SPLIT
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  • Poe Extender. 1 x PoE++ in...

    Poe Extender. 1 x PoE++ in and 2 x PoE+ out. Split PoE out to 2 PoE PD units, 30 watts each. IP67 and IK10 Vandal Proof

    Gigabit PoE and data Extender PoE splitter
    1 x RJ45 Data + PoE ++ input
    2 x RJ45 Data + PoE + outputs
    Standard: IEEE 802.3bt and 802.3at
    from injector to Extender up to 100 meters
    from Extender to PD Devices Up to 100 meters
    IP67 Aluminum Molded cabinet
    Temperature range: -40 - + 75 ° C
    Plug Play
    Wall fittings
    Size: 170 X 44 x 73 mm with cable gland

    Price 1,863.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE-BOOST-2G-U
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  • PoE++ Splitter with...

    PoE++ Splitter with 12VDC/5.8A or 24VDC/2.2A output voltage. 802.3at/bt. Gigabit.

    PoE++ splitter - separate DC and Data
    Data without PoE to equipment
    DC voltage output to non-PoE device
    Max. 70 Watt
    Data is 10/100/1000Mbit/s
    PoE 802.3at/bt
    End-span + Mid-span
    End-span or Mid-span
    2  x RJ45 interfaces
    1 x RJ45 port Data + Power input
    1 x RJ45 port Data output
    2 x DC output (4-pin terminal block)
    DC output 12VDC or 24VDC w/DIP switch
    Size: 135 x 88 x 32 mm
    Weight: 445g

    Price 1,545.00 DKK
    Product code: ETH-POE++12-24-D
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