Left-handed mouse

Left-handed computer mouse.

approx. 10% of the population use their left hand to operate the PC mouse.

We offer a selection of wireless mice for 2.4GHz or wired mice for RS232, USB or USB-C

Robust Industrial, Waterproof mouse, IP65/68 tight Left-handed mouse.

Mouse with ergonomic design with function keys.

Left hand mouse IP66/68 sealed

Left-handed mouse

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Ergonomic Wireless Mouse...

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse with scroll, the left-handed USB power.

Left-handed mouse
OS Support: Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X 10.10
Resolution: 750/1500 count (change possibility)
Frequency: 2.4GHz band
Optical sensor
6 buttons
low energy mode: 125 hours (operative mode), 694 days (standby time)
battery life: 273 days
Dimensions : 94.7mm x 124.4mm x 47.9 mm
Weight: 2g

Price 650.00 DKK
Product code: MUS-LEFT
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