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MIFARE skriver

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  • RFID Duplicator, 125kHz /...

    RFID Duplicator, 125kHz / Mifare/NFC reads / writes with USB interface. Can clone UID to t5577 RW RFID TAG

    RFID Copy Reader / Writes to T5577 RW Tag
    interface: USB
    Work voltage: 5 VDC
    Work current: 200mA
    Standby Stream: 50mA
    Normal current: 100mA
    125kHz, 13,56MHz Mifare / NFC
    Compatible with CCID and PC / SC
    IC / ID Dual Frequency Replication
    Supporter ID125K, 8800, 5200, 4305, 5577, 8265 Card
    Support UID, Fuid, Cuid, UFUID
    IC Semi-Encrypted Card, IC Full Encryption Card
    Dim: 108 (L) x 68 (W) x 12 mm (H)

    Price 749.00 DKK
    Product code: RFID-KOPI-USB
    Physically in stock