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USB 2.0

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  • 5VDC / up to 4A to USB...

    5VDC / up to 4A to USB port, overall power is 48W. USB charging station and hub, 10 x USB3.0 A female, 12V/4A adapter included

    48 Watt USB charger with USB 3.0 Hub
    10 x USB3.0 A she
    8 x USB ports - max. 2.4a to USB port
    2 x USB ports - Max. 1A for USB port
    Note: Total power for all USB ports is 48 watts.
    Button next to the USB port is on / off USB port
    USB 3.0 cable from A to B included
    input: AC 100-240V
    Output: 12V / 4A (48W)
    174 x 130 x 47 mm

    Price 780.00 DKK
    Product code: USB-HUB10-CHARGE
    Physically in stock