In this category you will find our selection of mini keyboards. The hallmark of a mini keyboard is the small size, which makes the keyboard can be installed in small spaces. At Danbit we have 20 different mini keyboards that are available with various layouts, colors, and more. Several of our keyboards are also available with an IP density.

Mini Keyboard - Over 20 different - With or without touchpad


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  • PS/2 mini keyboard 89 keys...

    PS/2 mini keyboard 89 keys - Beige - Swedish character set

    Beige mini keyboard with 89 keys
    Note: The keyboard shown is with DK characters
    Swedish character set - Ö and Ä
    Combined numeric and function keys
    PS/2 cable, 1.8 meters
    Can be used with USB adapter
    Dimensions: 292 x 154 x 29 mm

    Price 241.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-MINI-B-S
    Physically in stock  
  • IP68 USB mini keyboard -...

    IP68 USB mini keyboard - Desktop/VESA, Track point mouse, Withstands clinical cleaning. Suitable for medical use

    Mini IP68 industrial keyboard/medical use
    Key lock function when the keyboard needs to be cleaned (LED indicator)
    With hidden Vesa thread 75x75
    Nordic keyboard layout, with numeric keys
    USB interface V1.1/2.0
    IP68 protection, can be immersed in liquids
    Mouse with 800 dpi
    Size: 340 x 165 x 18.4mm
    Silicone/plastic black color
    White color on request offer is given)
    Extended temperature: -20 - +60°C
    Robust design CE
    Use the 5.2mm drill to release the M5 VESA thread
    Use M5 screw. Short waterproof threaded well.

    Price 3,708.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-IP68-VESA
    Physically in stock