Cat. 6/6a cabel w/light

FTP / UTP cat. 6 / 6a network cables with light

Get an overview and control of the cables. When using these cables, troubleshooting and installation are done in patch panel, rack cabinet or the like. much easier!

Intelligent light source cables for identification of the broken or misplaced cable in, for example, a patch panel, rack cabinet, etc.

The cables have an integrated light waveguide and can be color coded with clips in 16 different colors.

Network cables RJ45 with light - Easy installation

Cat. 6/6a cabel w/light


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  • RJ45 Cat6, FTP, med lys, 0.6m

    RJ45 Cat6, FTP, med lys, 0.6m

    FTP Intelligent Cat. 6 network cable with RJ45 male-male plug
    With integrated light waveguide
    Applications up to 10 Gbps
    Color coding with clips in 16 colors can be purchased at 0.6m

    Price 55.00 DKK
    Product code: K-RJ45L0.6M+
    Physically in stock