Alarm / GSM alarms

Wireless sophisticated alarm system with many applications.

Wireless technology makes it easy to install and expand with multiple sensors. The base unit can be controlled from both the phone and the remote control. The alarm system can be activated / deactivated from the mobile phone via SMS, APP and to ascertain the current status.

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Alarm / GSM alarms

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  • Trådløs PIR sensor til loft...

    Trådløs PIR sensor til loft montering

    Tilbehør til tyverialarm ALARM-GSM-BASE
    Detektionsafstand 6-8 meter
    360 graders vinkel måling
    installationshøjde 3-5 meters
    Forsynes med 3.6V lithium batteri

    Price 233.00 DKK
    Product code: ALARM-GSM-PIR-LOFT
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  • Trådløst tastatur til...

    Trådløst tastatur til alarmsystem

    Tilbehør til tyverialarm ALARM-GSM-BASE
    Tilbehør til tyverialarm WKEY kodelæser
    Forbindes trådløst til alarmbase
    Tilkobling af flere brugere med forskellige adgangskoder
    Kan slå alarm til og fra via adgangskode
    Forsynes med lithium batteri

    Price 252.00 DKK
    Product code: ALARM-GSM-WKEY
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  • Trådløs indendørs sirene

    Trådløs indendørs sirene

    Tilbehør til tyverialarm ALARM-GSM-BASE
    Forbindes trådløst til alarmsystem
    Trådløs sirene med nem stik kontakt montering

    Price 241.00 DKK
    Product code: ALARM-GSM-STIK
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  • GSM Controller with 2 x...

    GSM Controller with 2 x current relay, 2 x Power MOS output, 2 x AI, 4 x DI, 8 x Temp. Bat backup. 230 VAC

    2 x 230VAC power relay /16A – resistive load.
    2 x DC switched outputs up to 40VDC/6A, also as PWM for LED, FAN, etc.
    2 x independent inputs: 230VAC and up to 24VAC/24VDC, SMS alerts for power failure
    SIM card and SD card
    Backup battery (not included) as an option – Li-Ion 3.7V (14500)
    Switch appliances on and off with SMS messages
    GPRS M2M function, TCP/IP Get to directly send input status to Server
    Get XML status from server to set device outputs.
    Scheduled automatic switching on and off of appliances
    Sends power failure warning and recovery.
    Restarting appliances, such as servers.
    Monitoring of 2 x A/D inputs AC/DC voltages with autodetect
    4 x digital inputs DIN1, DIN2, DIN3, DIN4 for DC voltage.
    Universal bus (1-wire) for temperature and humidity sensors.
    Thermostat function.
    Alarm function: Temperature alarm, Humidity alarm, A/D limits, DI change
    Alarm in case of jamming of a GSM signal.
    Up to 12 alarm numbers, each can be set for different events
    Up to 1000 authorized users and 2 administrator numbers.
    All inputs are SO compatible

    Price 2,156.00 DKK
    Product code: GSM-IO-EN-F+
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