Payment Terminal / Access

Payment Terminal for vending machine and can be used for access control

Payment Terminal / Access

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Payment system with 2 units...

Payment system with 2 units for contactless card, chip, magnetic stripe and MobilePay

Payment system for vending machines, doors etc.
Accepts contactless & nbsp; chip, magnetic stripe and MobilePay
GSM (SMA) and LAN (RJ-45)
2 x digital outputs. & nbsp;
1 x deaktiveringsindgang. Can be configured to deactivate the machine
Can be connected to a vending machine, washing machine, door, etc.
Web-based control panel, can be operated over the Internet
Support for setup can be purchased
Comes with SIM card
User agreement with service provider is required

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Product code: PAY-N-VPOS+AMIT
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  • Payment terminal with touch...

    Payment terminal with touch display for contactless cards, chip, magnetic stripe and mobilepay

    NOTE: Contract with Danbit A / S and User Agreement with service supplier MUST be established before purchase!

    Payment system with touch display.
    accept contactless, chip, magnetic stripe and mobilepay.
    GSM antenna connector MMCX to 6 digital outputs. Can be programmed with the time difference when paying. To 6 deaktiveringsindgang2. Can be configured to disable the machine
    can be connected to a vending machine, washing machine, door, etc.
    Web-based control panel.
    Communications Internet or WiFi or 4G
    Support for setup can be purchased.
    Supplied with SIM card (4G)
    Supply voltage: 10 - 24VDC, 10 - 42VAC / 2Amp (power supply included)

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    Product code: PAY-N-VPOS-TOUCH
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  • Pay terminal with touch...

    Pay terminal with touch display for contactless cards and mobilepay, pulse or MDB interface

    BEMÆRK: Kontrakt med DANBIT A/S og Brugeraftale med serviceleverandør SKAL etableres før køb!

    Betalingssystem med touch display.
    All-in-one med POS og Data-kommunikation i samme hus
    Accepterer kontaktløse kort og MobilePay.
    GSM antennestik MMCX stik
    6 digitale OC. pulsudgange til automat/vendingmaskine, maskiner, døre etc.
    6 digitale indgange, inhibit, for at stoppe køb ved mangel/fejl
    Konfigureres via platform med priser og funktioner
    Kan tilkobles en salgsautomat, vaskemaskine, dør, osv
    Web-baseret eller MQTT Cloud
    Kommunikation: LAN eller 4G
    Support til opsætning kan tilkøbes.
    Leveres med SIM kort klar til funktioneopsætning
    Forsyningsspænding: 10-24VDC, 10-42VAC / 2A (PSU medfølger ikke)

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    Product code: PAY-N-ONYX
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  • Nayax VPOS Touch/Onyx -...

    Nayax VPOS Touch/Onyx - Pulse cable

    Connect your VPOS Touch or ONYX to a machine using Pulse.
    Can be used with coin mechanisms and direct relay outputs(relay is not included).
    Perfect solution for car wash systems, paid toilets, and washing machines.

    Price 323.00 DKK
    Product code: PAY-N-K-PULSE-STD
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  • Nayax CCI Protocol Cable...

    Nayax CCI Protocol Cable For Coffemachines

    Designed for Nayax payment terminals and CCI coffee machines
    RS232 Male DB9 connector for interface with coffee machines.
    Power(DC), ethernet(RJ45) and external reader(RJ11) ports.
    Eliminates the need for CCI to MDB converters

    Price 595.00 DKK
    Product code: PAY-N-K-CCI
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