In this category you will find a huge selection of keyboards, all of which are suitable for medical use. This means that the keyboards in most cases used in laboratories, hospitals and other places where hygiene is an important thing. The majority of all tastaurerne is IP68, and can withstand immersion in water, and alcohol cleaning. Tastaurerne available with different layouts, everything from Danish, Swedish and English. Contact sales for more information.


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  • Industry Keyboard IP65 with...

    Industry Keyboard IP65 with TouchPad. Nordic layout, Foil Profile keys with little hiking. With pressure response. USB

    USB Industri Keyboard
    integrated capacitive Touchpad
    Nordic layout
    105 Keys As Framed Foil with little walking
    Foil keys with pressure response. Requires pressure for enabled
    IP65 tolerating cleaning with 80% alcohol
    operating temp. 0 ° - 70 ° C
    Robust Material
    2 m Cable
    482.6 x 184.6 x 34.9 mm

    Price 5,281.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-TOUCH
    Physically in stock  
  • IP68 numeric keypad with...

    IP68 numeric keypad with track point, USB connection, black, 2m cable

    Waterproof keypad with USB connection
    Material: silicone
    antibacterial technology - suitable for hospital / clinic
    Integrated mouse function - track points
    OS Support: Win 10/8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98
    32 keys + mouse 2For
    Turning the backlight and keyboard
    Dimensions: 136 x 112 x 8 mm | Weight: 270 g
    -40 degrees

    Price 725.00 DKK
    Product code: KEY-WATER-NUM
    Physically in stock