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  • RFID reader/writer...

    RFID reader/writer 125/134.2 kHz, 13.56MHz to USB

    Frequancy 125 kHz/134.2 kHz (LF) / 13.56 MHz (HF)
    Read/Write distance up to 100 mm
    SDK for writing apps which are executed directly on the reader
    Firmware update
    Onboard 18 kB flash storage

    Price DKK2,158.00
    Product code: RFID-MULTI-USB
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  • Promag USB RFID reader...

    Promag USB RFID reader PCR-330M-00, 13.56MHz

    Promag USB RFID reader PCR-330M-00
    USB-A interface, 13.56MHz
    Plug & Play
    Supply: 5 V / 200 mA
    Supports: 125KHz EM / 13.56MHz ISO14443A Mifare Card, ISO18092 FeLiCa Card
    Operating Temp. -10 ~ + 55 ° C
    Dimensions: 65 x 100 x 23 mm (W x L x D)
    Cable length: 1.5m
    OS support WIN and Linux

    Price DKK750.00
    Product code: RFID-MR-G
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  • Mifare RFID Multi sector...

    Mifare RFID Multi sector writes and reads, RS232, 5 - 13.8VDC

    Mifare 13.56 MHz RFID reads and writes
    IFARE® Classic, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE Ultralight®, NTAG 2XX
    To COM Port RS232
    Operating Voltage of 5 & nbsp; to 13.8VDC
    Weather resistance
    Spacer plate for easy installation, even on metal surfaces
    Easy programming with ASCII code commands

    Price DKK2,333.00
    Product code: RFID-MRW-SECTOR
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  • Mifare og EM4100-læser og...

    Mifare og EM4100-læser og skriver

    Frequency: 13.56 MHz
    RF Protocol: ISO14443A, MIFARE®
    Interface: USB
    Reading distance: up to 5 cm
    Dimensions: 72 x 105 x 16 mm

    Price DKK1,390.00
    Product code: RFID-MRW-U
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