Mifare læser til RS232

Multi 13.56 MHz Mifare Reader
RS232 Connection
5VDC (Power Jack 5.5 / 5.1mm) Not included
Cabinet: ABS, indoor IP65
Dim: 88 x 56 x 18 mm

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Multi 13.56 MHz Mifare Reader / Writes with RS232 Connection.

There can be loaded a script in the reader that changes its function. It is a text file with a program in a simplified version of C ++ traversed by scanning. It can change the way it interprets and outputs the id. F. EX. Type of Taggens is outlined with its ID and the 2 LEDs and the sensor can be controlled.

Can read the following tag Types:

ISO14443A: MIFARECLASSIC 1K4K, MIFARECLASSIC 1K4K EV13), mini, Desfireev1, plus S, X, Pro X, SmartMX, Ultralight, Ultralight C, Ultralight EV13), Legic Advant1), PayPass2), SLE44R35, SLE66RXX (My-D Move), Ntag2xx3)
ISO14443B: Calypso2), CEPAS2) Moneo2), Picopass2), Srrt512, Srt512, Sri4K, Srix4K
ISO15693: EM4X33, EM4X35, ICODE SLI, TAG-IT, SRF55VXX (My-D Vicinity) 2), M24LR16 / 64, MB89R118 / 119, HID ICLASS1 ), HID ICLASS SE / SR1)
ISO18092 / NFC: NFC Forum Tag Type 1-4
Sony Felica1)

1) UID Only 2) UID Only -Read / Write on Request < / p>

Software medfølger til Windows XP, Vista, Win7 32/64 bit Monteret med 1m kabel.
-25 til +80 °C
RS232 DB9 hunstik
Mål og vægt
18 x 56 x 88 mm (H x B x D)
Forsynes via ekstern strømforsyning på 5 volt medfølger ikke. Benyt eventuelt DC5V/2A-R-Q