USB RFID Reader 125kHz EM4100 TAG in Credit card format, table model incl. Programming software

Interface: USB
Reading distance: 0-6 cm
TAG Type: EM4100 and FDX-B
Built-in Antenna
Built-in Buzzer
Supply: USB 5V / 200mA
Drift temp. -20 to +70 ° C
Plug Play
Dimensions: 105 x 72 x 16 mm

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RFID USB is an RFID reader with built-in antenna in the plastic cabinet. It has magnets in the back plate so that for example. can be put on the side of a cabinet. User-friendly Windows software for programming software is included. Supports: readout as decimal or hex decimal.
The device has a unique serial number, so you can see which reader the Tag code comes from.
1) The EM4100 is a 125kHz, 64 bit RFID device. The EM4100 RFID tags you can only write to once, then the inserted value is locked. The EM4100 supports ISO 14443 and 15693.
2) The FDX-B format is most often used in electronic labeling of animals, but is also often used in other industrial related identification.
FDX-B supports ISO 11784 and 11785. These two Standards work both with FDX-B (full) and HDX (semi-duplex).

Software medfølger, med 1 m. USB kabel, magneter i bagpladen
-20 til +70 °C
USB tilslutning, med mulighed for HID*) (tastatur) emulering
Mål og vægt
16 x 72 x 105 mm – 95 g
Op til 6 cm
EM4100 1) FDX-B 2)